Photo from World Marathon Challenge

Seven marathons in seven days on seven continents.

To some the label of the World Marathon “Challenge” may seem to be an understatement of the physical and mental stamina required to accomplish such a unique feat.

I had the privilege of sharing the story of Tim Durbin, the first American participant in the Challenge, and I’m humbled that UNC has recently nominated the story for the 2017¬†Hearst competition.

Photo from World Marathon Challenge

When I spoke with Tim, I questioned how a self-proclaimed “average runner” could prepare for such a demanding event, to push through¬†not only the fatigue of running seven consecutive marathons but also overcome the jet lag and changes in environment from snow to desert.

However, what Tim thought to be most impressive was not how to properly train for such an event but to complete it without any training, as another participant successfully did.

It’s hard not to be in awe at any of the individuals who continue to tackle this challenge, but instead of simply being dazzled, let’s learn from them.

We’re stronger than we think, and we’re capable of more than we can imagine if we set our minds to it.