That headline is semi-fake news. I’m abroad to cover a story with my Media Hub team and technically have permission to be away.

As I mentioned before, we’re covering the world’s largest time capsule, Memory of Mankind (MoM), and thought I would check in to say that we are alive and well and share a few things I have learned so far:

  1. Fake news is sort of a truth. Contributors of MoM recognize that having different perspectives and opinions included in the time capsule make it so that it’s not necessarily representative of facts but rather the reality of the time. Fake news is currently a part of that reality (and hopefully can teach future generations to do better).
  2. The future of technology is precarious. The reason MoM was created is to protect information for when current technologies become obsolete or digital data vanishes. What will happen with an overload of digital storage? What if the Cloud loses everything? They’re rhetorical questions, but if think you have answers, you can be quoted in our story.
  3. German is a difficult language. The GPS pronouncing street names has provided more comedic relief than we anticipated, and I have yet to adequately pronounce anything in German. However, I added German to my Duolingo courses, have successfully avoided completing any of it, and therefore still have confidence in my ability to learn things if I try.

Stay tuned to Media Hub for more updates (on the story, probably not on my lack of German skills).